Dinsmore Welding and Fabricating, Inc.

Think business is slow in a recession? Not for Melvin Dinsmore. Last year, Mr. Dinsmore decided the growth of the company was enough to continue to expand--even as other manufacturers were cutting production and closing down.

Dinsmore Welding and Fabricating, Inc. originally started operations 25 years ago with a 1,000 sq ft building, limited equipment, and a strong desire to provide the area with quality welding services. At the time, Dinsmore also working a full time job to help fund the start-up of his growing company. By 1991, the business had grown to such a level that Dinsmore was able to quit his full time job and devote his energy to growing his company.

When he was ready to expand, Dinsmore came to the Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) seeking assistance with developing financial projections in order to apply for county and regional state loan programs. He began working with his SBDC consultantto develop detailed financial projections and obtain information on becoming ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) accredited.

While working with the SBDC, he was able to obtain low interest rate loans totaling $500,000 from the state, county and commercial bank level. These funds were used to purchase and construct the new equipment and building, as well as pursue the ASME accreditation.

Specifically, Dinsmore Welding purchased additional land and constructed a new 30,000 sq ft building at the Kersey Industrial Park that was completed and operational by October. The new location is used for welding, steel fabrication, and heavy equipment repair services, with emphasis on jobs that were too large to be completed at their existing facility. It can accommodate two ten-ton cranes and offers ample space for two tractor trailers to load and un-load.

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Mr. Dinsmore received assistance with the growth of his company from the Clarion University SBDC.