Busy Bee Toys

Busy Bee Toys is a specialty toy store located in Doylestown. Nerice Kendter, owner, developed the idea of selling European toys when she and her son joined her husband on a business trip to Belgium.

They would go into local toy stores and she would instantly fall in love with the wooden toys that she saw. It was then that she decided to sell these items in America.

Nerice had a concept but was lost as to how to put her idea into motion, so she contacted the Temple University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) looking for guidance and subsequently attended the Entrepreneurial Success Workshop Series to gain insight into the necessary steps for opening a business.

“As a result of attending the class and working with [my consultant], I learned that just because I had a good idea it did not necessarily mean that my idea would translate into a profitable business,” she said.

Kendter also met with a Temple SBDC consultant who helped her to prepare and conduct a market survey in order to test the client's business concept.

The results from Kendter's market survey were positive and contained feedback which enabled her to refine her store's product and service offerings. With further help from the Temple SBDC, Kendter developed preliminary cash flow assumptions and projections, received advice on funding options, and negotiated a lease for prime retail location in downtown Doylestown.

Busy Bee Toys opened its doors in October, just in time for the holiday season.

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"I can't speak highly enough of all of the helpful information that the SBDC has provided me."

– Nerice Kendter
Busy Bee Toys