Continuity & Survival Services

Starting a business is difficult work. But keeping it healthy and making sure it is sustainaible in the long-term, requires new ways of thinking.

As businesses mature, they face increasingly complex issues, requiring more sophisticated research, market analysis and strategic planning. Some questions you might be considering include:

  • How can I increase my profitability?
  • How do I deal with human resource issues, including hiring employees?
  • What new products or services can I develop?
  • What tax-saving devices should I be using?
  • Does the company have sufficient insurance coverage?
  • How can I develop my leadership skills?

You may also be thinking about expanding your business through overseas markets and/or government markets.

The SBDC can help

The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) help all businesses in all stages of growth. In addition to helping with specific topics, we also offer a range of targeted services to help sustain businesses.

Browse our list of targeted services on the left for more information. Once you are ready, contact your local SBDC for more information. 

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