The Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) leverages state and federal funds, along with support from its host institutions and other sources to provide no-cost consulting and low-cost educational programs across all 67 counties of Pennsylvania.  Unlike any other economic development program in Pennsylvania, the SBDCs assist businesses in all industry sectors, reflective of the state’s economy including agriculture, manufacturing, service and retail, and operate as a unified system to serve the Commonwealth.  

To see how the Pennsylvania SBDC is creating jobs and making measurable economic impact, results sorted by Pennsylvania’s Federal Congressional districts can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

To learn more about the Pennsylvania SBDC’s record of results, visit these links:

  • Impact Statistics – Results of independent analysis of the Pennsylvania SBDC program by Dr. James Chrisman of Mississippi State University.
  • Services Summary – View the latest results from the past calendar year including number of small businesses and entrepreneurs consulted, new client-obtained investment and more.
  • Client Feedback – See what small business owners and entrepreneurs have to say about working with their local SBDC.
  • Success Stories – Scan the interactive map to find the latest small business success stories in your legislative district.
  • Grand Openings – By working with their local SBDC, business owners and entrepreneurs hold successful grand openings and ribbon cutting events across the Commonwealth.