Online Business

Is your business looking to grow or expand its online presence? Business consultants can provide your company with a comprehensive website analysis and help develop your online marketing strategy.  Training on website optimization and the latest eCommerce technology will help you gain the knowledge you need to attract new customers online.

Contact your local SBDC for more information or sign-up to attend one of the upcoming online business seminars below.


Upcoming Seminars

Harnessing the Power of Mobile

Participants will learn how to use mobile technology to promote themselves and drive more business: Mobile internet usage is growing fast

24/7 Marketing: Increasing Sales through Marketing Automation

How does your organization currently handle online leads? Would you like to get more inquiries from your website? Do you have sufficient staff to properly cultivate warm leads? Join us for the upcoming seminar to learn how you can transform your website leads into sales through a customized lead nurturing program.…

Making Your Brand Standout Online Using Advanced Pay-per-click Advertising

Topics to be discussed: * Keyword research * Tracking & custom landing pages * Creating ad copy * Performing A-B testing
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