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Federal, state, and local governments already purchase billions of dollars on goods and services every year. Federal purchasing offices are often required to set aside contracts or portions of contracts for exclusive bidding by small and/or minority-owned businesses. In addition, major prime contractors are required to subcontract part of their work out to small firms.

About Us
The Southeast Pennsylvania Procurement Technical Assistance Center (SE PA PTAC),  administered by the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers within the University of Pennsylvania, helps businesses of all sizes market to the government – federal, state and local. 
The SE PA PTACs are part of a national program authorized by Congress in 1985 to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in the government marketplace. Through cooperative agreements with DoD, PTACs are administered nationally by a variety of entities, including state governments, universities, community colleges, local economic development corporations, Native American organizations and other local institutions. PTACS are staffed with counselors experienced in government contracting, and all participate in ongoing professional training required to keep pace with continually evolving acquisition procedures and policies.
Businesses that want to get into government contracting and needing assistance, can do no better than to talk to a PTAC – they are the go-to-people for marketing your products or services to the government. PTAC counselors can teach you how to explore the government arena for possible market opportunities. 

Government Marketing Info Cards

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Increase your knowledge of Government Marketing by downloading five new informational rack cards tdesigned to help businesses enter the government marketplace.

Upcoming Events

Selling to the Government: The First Step

BASIC PRINCIPLES THAT BUSINESSES MUST KNOW IN ORDER TO DO BUSINESS WITH THE FEDERAL, STATE, OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT TOPICS INCLUDE How the government buys goods and services Certifications and registrations necessary to sell to federal, state, or local governments How government agencies advertise their opportunities Locating subcontracting opportunities with government

Proposal Preparation & Submission

Hosted by the Temple Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAC). This seminar is geared toward existing businesses who are pursuing Government Contracting. Attendees will learn how to respond to a Federal Government Request for Proposal (RFP). The seminar is designed to address situations where the government issues a solicitation for qualified businesses…

Targeting the World's Largest Buyer Webinar Series - Certifications

  • Center: Lehigh University SBDC
  • Price: No Cost
  • Location: Online, , PA 18015
Join the Lehigh SBDC/PTAC over lunch to focus your government contracting strategy and learn about the tools available to you. Each webinar will cover a specific topic more in-depth and demonstrate how to use the various resources. Additionally, these FREE webinars will be recorded and made available to you to view…