What do small business owners and entrepreneurs say about working with the Pennsylvania SBDC?

As a result of the assistance of [my consultants] at the PSU SBDC, my practice went from an idea to a half-million dollar a year business…

Dr. Matthew Hertert
Centre Chiropractic
Boalsburg | Centre County

Without [my SBDC consultant’s guidance], we would not be in business today.

Sandra M. Horner
Horner Consulting
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

We would not have been able to bring a $150,000 business to nearly $500,000 business in three years without [the SBDC’s] assistance.

Kim Digenakis
Telepole Manufacturing, Inc.
Muncy | Lycoming County

The SBDC changed the ground beneath me from quicksand to granite flooring … I feel empowered to have them for support.

Kathy Ann Keegan-Kresge
Kathy’s License Service
Hawley | Wayne County

As a self-employed disabled veteran, I am pleased to find such a useful program, particularly in these tough economic times.

Steven E. Simminger, II
Simminger Trucking, Ltd.
Media | Delaware County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, my percentage of bookings has gone up by 60% and my company is now in the black after being in the red for 5 straight years.

Christine Soroka-Greenfield
Pittsburgh Music Live
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

I would not be where I am today if it were not for the services of the Small Business Development Center.

Michele Sloan
Everything Tea
Bedford | Bedford County

My business is young, but continues to grow and become what I envisioned; I truly feel this would not be possible without this remarkable resource.

Zachary P. Hanna
Clinton County Memorials
Lock Haven | Clinton County

Without [the SBDC] and their direction, I would have never been able to be a national company.

Danielle K. Fleming
Danielle and Company, Inc.
Scranton | Lackawanna County

No matter what you may need in your business, the first phone call should be to the SBDC … We have been very fortunate to experience tremendous growth in our business – growth that would not have been as great without the aid of the SBDC.

Wendy Mascio
Medical Equipment Source, LLC
Mars | Butler County

None of the feats I accomplished would have been possible for me on my own … I credit [the SBDC] with much of our success and growth.

Tracy P. Cowles
Next Step’s Child Enrichment Center
Seneca | Venango County

[My SBDC consultant] is worth his weight in gold! … As a result of his assistance, we have experienced an 18% increase in our sales for 2008 while enjoying a better relationship with our software vendor.

Edward De La Torre
De La Torre Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc.
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

Without the SBDC’s help in [various areas], we would not have a growing and expanding sign business in Modena.

Tom and Donna Halfacre
Halfacre Signs and Graphics
Modena | Chester County

… I have been given the gift of thinking “out of the box” I’ve been stuck in for 20 years, and it is a direct result of the relationship and introduction to the Gannon SBDC and its incredible staff.

Donna R. Reese
General Exterminating Company
Erie | Erie County

My business is now at a point where I’m able to start hiring freelance editors, a move I probably wouldn’t have felt comfortable attempting without the advice I’ve received from the Center… Meeting with [my SBDC consultant] regularly has provided me with the steady, but never overwhelming, guidance that I’ve needed to continue developing my text-editing business with confidence.

Nancy Downes
Edits International
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

We can’t express enough of our thanks to the SBDC and its involvement toward our business.

Phyllis and John DiGiore
Snake Creek Alpaca Farm & Village
Montrose | Susquehanna County

Handling all the challenges of opening an 8,000 sq. ft facility requiring massive and specialized construction was quite a feat, and one that I would not have been able to pull off without the SBDC … Today, despite a historically challenging economy, sales have increased as much as 25 and 40% every single month since we started, and my company now employs 14 people.

Christin Bummer
K9 Kingdom
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

In the world of misinformation, it is wonderful to have these professionals for guidance.

Jane Baker
Wood Ware Furniture
Lititz | Lancaster County

The SBDC allowed me to take a bad scenario and turn it into achieving one of my life’s goals… With the continued support of the SBDC, Pennsylvania can rebound from this economic downturn and emerge with newer and stronger companies, ready to face the future.

Stephen T. Seese
Katydid Landscaping, LLC
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

Without the assistance of the SBDC, I would still be at the starting gate, not knowing which direction to run.

Adam Kordes
National Sporting Goods
West Milton | Union County

After a year of planning and our first 9 months of running a business under our belts, we can honestly say that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the SBDC, and most especially our personal consultant … The SBDC has played a monumental role in our current success.

Rosemary Fox
The Creative Living Room
Swarthmore | Delaware County

My current training, speaking and consulting business is celebrating its fourth anniversary, and I still see the Bucknell University SBDC as an indispensable partner in my small-business success.

David B. Burns
Business Trainer, Speaker & Consultant
Selinsgrove | Snyder County

[My SBDC consultants] have been there to guide me through all of the unknowns and provide me with the help necessary to expand my business … as a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, J2 Medical’s sales have increased by 30% and my company now employs 5.

Jarrid Henderson
J2 Medical Solutions, LLC
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

As a small business owner, I have learned from mistakes and learned that I did not have to make those mistakes if I had been involved with the SBDC sooner.

J.D. Williams
J.D. Williams Therapeutic Massage, LLC
Harrisburg | Dauphin County

I am so thankful that I have the SBDC and their dedicated staff. I have benefited greatly by my experience with the SBDC – my confidence to face clients, business planning, record-keeping etc. has increased beyond expectations, and I owe this to the SBDC.

Diane L. Miller
Business World Graphics
Bensalem | Bucks County

The SBDC is directly responsible for putting me in a position to provide solid career opportunities in Central Pennsylvania.

Sharon R. Ryan
Dasher Services, Inc.
Harrisburg | Dauphin County

I have personally found this program vital to the further development, refinement and organization of my business, and would be quite lost if confronted by the complexities of how to financially sustain, organize and better my business all on my own.

Autumn Kietponglert
Autumnlin X Heartless Revival
Philadelphia | Philadelphia County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, my sales have increased by 20% and I now provide work for 30 people.

Demetria Marsh
Marsh Professional Simulators
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

With the guidance I’ve received, I have been able to establish my business, overcoming challenges that I would not have been able to address on my own, given my limited business experience and financial resources.

Alyson Lester
AL Engineering and Design, LLC
Jenkintown | Montgomery County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, Siliconvox Corporation has been able to launch from the ground up and now employs 3 with new hires on the way.

Edward C. Lin
Siliconvox Corporation
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

The Kutztown University SBDC has been instrumental in identifying and providing to my business environmental consulting opportunities that we would not otherwise have had the resources and time to identify and pursue.

Jeffrey A. Leed
Leed Environmental, Inc.
Reading | Berks County

The SBDC helped my business grow drastically by providing us with ways to develop a marketing strategy that led to the growth of a new market niche.

Gregg A. Bogia
Bogia Engineering, Inc.
Wyomissing | Berks County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, our sales have increased by 10% this year and my company continues to employ 20+ workers, vs. laying-off people.

Regis G. McQuaide and Helene McQuaide
Master Remodelers, Inc.
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, Truit’s Kittanning Kwik Lube’s sales have tripled and my company’s six hard-working employees have family sustaining jobs…

Gary and Cathy Truitt
Truit’s Kittanning Kwik Lube
Kittanning | Armstrong County

The SBDC was invaluable in providing information and assistance dealing with issues from developing a business concept to expanding the business to accommodate its growth.

Cynthia J. Daubert
Small Business Owner
Kutztown | Berks County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, Farnsworth Gowns sales have increased by 25% in my short time as the owner and my company now employs 11 people from the Carrick section of Pittsburgh, and 9 salesmen in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Amy J. Kuruc
Farnsworth Gowns
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, MailPro was able to increase mail production volumes from originally 100,000 to currently 7 million per year.

Walter Naletko
Sigel Automotive Technical Service Center, Inc.
Sigel | Jefferson County

With the help of the SBDC, J&J has had the opportunity to explore new international markets, participate in trade missions and establish industry contacts … without these opportunities, our company wouldn’t be where it is today.

William Riggs
J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers
Somerset | Somerset County

The guidance and support I received from the SBDC enabled me to successfully launch and manage my business. Without their help, my efforts would probably have failed…

Robert Hershenow
RDH Communications
Douglassville | Berks County

With [our SBDC consultant’s] assistance, we have established a firm strategy for expanding our business globally, and I know that my company can rely on the SBDC in the near future for further professional assistance.

Kevin Dennis
Dennis Farms
Cooperstown | Venango County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, my company is now in its tenth year of operation and contributing to our community.

Janie Quinn
Essential Eating
Dickson City | Lackawanna County

The SBDC was a critical piece of the puzzle which allowed me to secure the funding I needed to build a new manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania.

Scott Dinger
Stanton Dynamics
Brookville | Jefferson County

My company now employs more people than prior to my relationship with the SBDC.

Emily Gette-Doyle
Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation
Philipsburg | Centre County

The process I was exposed to at the SBDC led me to a new way of thinking that has positively impacted me and will influence my business decisions for years to come.

John Birty
One on One Fitness
Murrysville | Westmoreland County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, Stell Environmental’s sales have increased by 200% and my company now employs 14 employees.

Mary Jane Stell
Stell Environmental Enterprises, Inc.
Elverson | Chester County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, KFJ Enterprises, LLC dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership sales have increased to 7 million dollars and my company now employs 40+ employees.

Khodi Irani
Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Harrisburg | Dauphin County

I feel my business is stronger today because of [my consultant’s] help.

Jim Buttery
Elk County Machining, Inc.
Saint Marys | Elk County

Without this service, I would not have been able to afford to pay private consultants and my business concept may have failed for this reason.

Henry N. Sauers
McKean Tire and Lube
McKean | Erie County

I can say with absolute confidence that our business, our employees, our vendors and our clients are benefiting from what I am learning in the classes and resources made available to me through the SBDC.

Andy Burstein
Non-Traditional Media
Pottstown | Montgomery County

As a result of the assistance of the skilled staff at the SBDC, we were able to get our new company moving in the right direction and expect strong growth in the near future.

Larry Aldrich
Energy Link
Washington | Washington County

As a small business owner coming out of the gate, I cannot stress enough the importance of the SBDC. The SBDC assisted in the development of our business plan from start to finish and are consistently working with us to insure that we have the most up to date information for our specific industry. The SBDC is definitely an asset to any business looking to develop and assist in the economic growth of the areas they service.

Kelly O'Brien Gavin
American Solar and Environmental Technology
Selinsgrove | Snyder County

I owe a good measure of my success and confidence to the Small Business Development Center at Bucknell University. I registered for the SBDC's First Step Workshop and gained insight into all aspects of starting and maintaining a successful business. A consultant also guided me through demographic research, helped me establish a record-keeping system, and offered suggestions for marketing and business growth. The SBDC's assistance, encouragement and expertise has proven invaluable to me.

Kathy Eckhaus
Music Together
Landisburg | Perry County

The professional expert business advice and education that we received from the staff at the SBDC allowed us to prepare a legitimate business plan, launch a successful new business, and increase our staff to 5 full time and several part time employees after only 18 months in existence.

Jeffery Sheaffer
Stahl Sheaffer Engineering
State College | Centre County

Today, having assembled our business plan, I can confidently say that the SBDC has equipped me, not only with a business plan, but also with the knowledge and insight to understand the various aspects of our plan, from promotions to financial forecasts. Had it not been for the help from the SBDC our project would not be where it is today.

Timothy Keller, Owner
Pennsylvania Construction Inspection, Inc.
Cochranton | Crawford County

Being a small business owner, I am responsible for so many issues each and every day. It is a comfort to me to know that if I need any type of business services or advice, I can call the SBDC and they will be there to assist me and my business.

Robert Yanek, Owner & President
CYB Machining, Inc.
Punxsutawney | Jefferson County

The guidance, leadership, and valued insight of the Saint Francis University Small Business Development Center definitely made our small business venture come together. The SBDC consultant's expertise in budget analysis and preparation, coupled with her working relationship with the City of Johnstown and Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Center, are what made a life-long dream possible.

Jerome J. Kinley
Seasonal Air, LLC
Johnstown | Cambria County

I cannot begin to explain my satisfaction for this program. My recent trip to Australia and New Zealand to promote our new wine preservation system was a resounding success and the opportunity to access international trade would never have arisen without the assistance of the Lehigh University Small Business Development Center. We are currently in negotiation with numerous distributors throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands and expect very promising results.

Steve DiDonato
Wine Saver Pro
Coopersburg | Lehigh County

The Small Business Development Center consultant assisted me in choosing a logo, referred me to a class to help design a database and offered numerous suggestions for promoting my slow business. The SBDC has been a tremendous help to me and I plan to continue using the guidance offered to improve my business.

Maureen A. Evans
Hieber's Surgical, Inc.
Pittsburgh | Allegheny County

The SBDC program is having a positive impact on our business. The consultants have taken a proactive approach to working on the issues that affect our business. They are acting diligently in researching the concerns we have expressed such as money management, marketing, and business planning.

Carlos & Lee Rogers
Bicycle Therapy
Philadelphia | Philadelphia County