Duquesne SBDC gets funding via CARES Act

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Here's how the money will be put to work to help small businesses deal with Covid-19 related challenges.

Local entrepreneur gets a boost from Small Business Development Center

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On an average day, Trina Worrell Benjamin handles invoices, returns calls and emails, directs a team of nearly a dozen employees and manages a client roster that has included big names like Rite Aid and Toys“R”Us. She admits her first steps into entrepreneurship were not easy. But with the help of…

Local entrepreneur gets a boost from Small Business Development Center

  • SBDC: Temple University SBDC
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2016 Top Markets Reports Released: Guides Help Exporters with Market Intelligence

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Every year, the U.S. Commercial Service’s International Trade Administration (ITA) releases its Top Markets Reports with sector-specific assessments of export opportunities for U.S. companies covering a total of 26 sectors.  Each report ranks future export markets within a particular industry, providing in-depth commentary on key opportunities, trends, and challenges. The reports are designed to help U.S. companies evaluate and consider export markets by ranking and comparing opportunities across countries. Below is the listing of new and existing reports.

New for 2016:

Construction Equipment:

The 2016 Construction Equipment Top Markets Report ranks 25 countries based on historical trade data and a number of "drivers" of global trade for this sector. This report identifies global challenges and barriers to export, as well as opportunities for export growth. Case studies take a more in-depth look for China, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam.

Defense Products:

This report highlights opportunities for U.S. defense companies to further develop and promote global exports and uncover strategic growth markets. It also provides key trade statistics and trends in the defense sector as well as general challenges and opportunities by region, country and product groupings. Additionally, this report provides exporters with a general assessment of selected markets by providing regional and country case studies.

Financial Technology:

The International Trade Administration (ITA) has ranked 40 international markets by both projected FinTech payments and overall projected FinTech sector size. The country case studies provide an overview of opportunities in several important markets. The country cases of the United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Brazil and Australia represent developed, emerging, big and small markets and offer a broad perspective on the efforts of governments and private stakeholders to shape their FinTech markets.


The 2016 Franchising Top Markets Report focuses on the importance of franchising to the U.S. and international markets and identifies the important issues that are critical and unique to the sector, such as trade barriers, market challenges, market opportunities, multiplier effect and misinformation about franchising. The report ranks export markets based on the following factors: government/regulations, labor force, infrastructure and demand. Twelve country case studies are included to provide more in-depth analysis.

Industrial Automation:

The next two years will likely see increases in U.S. industrial automation exports due to a growing global market for automation equipment, for which the United States is a top-tier supplier. The industrial automation market is driven by the need to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. While the recession of 2008 has largely passed, the deep impression left by the global credit crunch will continue to drive companies to streamline processes and automate production. This in turn will drive demand for industrial automation products in the short term. The report focuses on this potential growth.

Manufacturing Technology:

This ITA Top Markets Report attempts to provide insight to companies and U.S. government trade agencies by assessing foreign markets and ranking them based on export potential. Based on trade data and global industrial indices, along with market intelligence from U.S. Foreign Commercial Service Officers, the rankings represent the best current understanding of market opportunities. The report provides exporters with detailed assessments of selected markets by providing five country case studies to illustrate a variety of points for comparison.

Medical Devices:

This Top Markets Report examines 57 different markets in terms of U.S. export history, forecasted market risk and rewards for exporters of medical technology; per capita spending in markets; and market size. It also includes a more detailed look at the eight top markets through country case studies. The global medical devices market offers tremendous opportunity for U.S. manufacturers, as well as significant challenges, for government policymakers seeking to support U.S. export competitiveness in overseas markets.


This Top Markets Report examines over 50 different markets in terms of economic development, value of U.S. exports, aging populations, per capita pharmaceutical spending, degree of price controls, intellectual property protection and other factors that contribute to pharmaceutical demand growth. It then assesses key regulatory market barriers abroad that influence U.S. industry'’s export competitiveness and provides an estimated ranking of export markets by level of opportunity through 2017. The report provides commentary on the challenges and barriers facing U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers going forward.

Additional Top Markets Reports:

Agricultural Equipment (2015)

Automotive Parts (2016)

Building Products and Sustainable Construction (2016)

Civil Nuclear (2016)

Cloud Computing (2016)

Cold Supply Chain (2016)

Education (2016)

Environmental Technologies (2016)

Health IT (2016)

Media and Entertainment (2015)

Oil and Gas Equipment (2016)

Recreational Transportation (2016)

Renewable Energy (2016)

Renewable Fuels (2015)

Semiconductors and Related Equipment (2016)

Smart Grid (2016)

Technical Textiles (2016)

Travel and Tourism (2015)

Are you starting to explore what it means to attract new customers outside the U.S.? The international marketplace offers a world of business opportunities. The SBDC can help your business become a successful competitor in foreign markets by helping you plan and implement your exporting strategy. When you work with the Pennsylvania SBDC, a certified international trade consultant will help you hone your businesses' export strategy.

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